games that are worth – running with rifles

running with rifles is a voxel-based isometric take on the classic battlefield experience. fun for the whole family.

retro apple

killer mac apps & utilities

i see people asking for mac app recommendations on websites and forums all over the place. here’s a running list of some of the most useful apps i’ve used over years of sifting through software to find the best of the best, most of which are free. Read more

games that are worth – path of exile

i’m normally not one for reviews, but i love games and tech so i’m doing them anyway. i’m gonna keep most of them brief, because no one wants a tl;dr situation. so without further ado.. Read more

ios apps

useful iOS apps

it was only fitting that i make a post for iOS apps as well. while i plan on making yet another post for jailbroken iOS apps you can find in cydia, here are some of the most impressive and useful app store apps to date. Read more

games that are worth – hotline miami

hotline miami is a work of retro genius, and you owe it to yourself to get into it if you appreciate an engrossing and challenging gaming experience.

iOS gaming

the most awesome list of iOS games

just like my lists for mac apps & games, one of the most sought-after recommendation requests i see are for iOS games. i play a ton of them. here are my personal picks for the best of the best. Read more

the secret law of page harmony

a pretty awesome and insightful look into print layout.
people really should make more book books. not e-books.


openemu is an awesome multiple video gaming system emulation application for osx.

games coming soon that look rad – the banner saga

the banner saga┬áis an epic undertaking by stoic studios in making a game that hearkens back to a time when turn-based strategy and story ruled gameplay. you’re in control of a viking tribe in a apocalyptic time of uncertainty, and survival is the order.

this one is coming to iOS, pc, mac, and linux. playable by everyone. be ready.

games that are worth – kag

kag, or king arthur’s gold, is a sweet little game that released recently that’s free to play. it reminds me a lot of soldat [kag is the soldat dev's new ip] with a little bit of terraria thrown in.

you’re a little pixel dude/dudette and can play as a builder, soldier, or archer, each with their own abilities. you can build defenses, towers, tunnels, catapults, and special workshops to aid your team. with modes like team deathmatch, ctf, king of the hill, and the upcoming zombie survival, the game just keeps getting better and better.

it’s fun as all hell, and since it’s free and on every platform possible you have no excuse not to play it.