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i see people asking for mac app recommendations on websites and forums all over the place. here’s a running list of some of the most useful apps i’ve used over years of sifting through software to find the best of the best, most of which are free.

  • app cleaner – removes apps and the hidden preferences and files they normally leave behind
  • onyx – osx cleaning & optimization tool
  • istat menus – useful tool to display cpu, network, memory, etc. right in your menu bar
  • perian – a multi-codec plugin for quicktime that will allow many more media types to play
  • vlc – an app that will play practically any media filetype you throw at it
  • sparrow – remember when the default mail app was fast and usable? me either. this one is.
  • crossover & crossover games – wine emulation software for popular applications and games, without requiring the use of windows or vm.
  • sublimetext – a text & markup editor for advanced users with a very customizable interface
  • mamp – allows you to run apache, php and mysql locally on your machine
  • transmit – the best ftp client
  • dropbox – secure, fast, and free file backups and sharing
  • fontexplorer x – awesome font management tool
  • reeder – a rss client with a great ui that syncs with your google reader feed
  • totalfinder – chrome-like tabs for your finder, ditching the need for multiple windows to shuffle your files around
  • fantastical – a well-designed and fast tool that allows you to add iCal events via keyboard shortcuts
  • the unarchiver – exactly as the name implies, an unarchiving tool for virtually all filetypes
  • transmission – torrent client with great user control
  • adium – instant messaging client
  • bowtie – adds a widget to you desktop that can control itunes, display album art, etc.
  • candybar – allows you to customize your icons and dock

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