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the most awesome list of iOS games

just like my lists for mac apps & games, one of the most sought-after recommendation requests i see are for iOS games. i play a ton of them. here are my personal picks for the best of the best.


  • league of evil – kinda like if super meat boy was on iOS. it uses those popular retro graphics and has some of the tightest controls in any iOS game.
  • mage gauntlet – a throwback to the days of tloz: a link to the past. looks good and plays awesomely.
  • pix ‘n love rush – a stylized platformer with simple controls and gameplay mechanics.
  • sword & sworcery: ep – if you haven’t heard of or played this yet and own an iOS device, you have a problem. do it now.
  • plunderland – tilt-controlled, touch induced hilarity.
  • zombieville II – this one is a must-have. kill zombies, get upgrades, yell at people online, repeat.
  • swordigo – sidescrolling, platforming, sword-swinging greatness. get.
  • bastion – this one is iPad-only, but an excellent adventure and worthy every red cent.


  • dungeon raid – a “match-three” game with awesome rpg elements. you also can match a lot more than three, and in any direction. it’s great.
  • 10000000 – bejeweled for people with brains. i’m addicted and cannot put this one down. get it now.
  • eliss – a rad indie puzzle/dexterity game where you create little vector supernovas.
  • no, human – very cool physics-based puzzle game where your goal is to stop human civilization from expanding by blowing up their satellites and ships with meteors. fun fun.
  • spelltower – tetris with letters. form words to keep them from reaching the top as the rows are added with each entry. it rules.
  • triple town – another very well executed match-three game where you build a town as you match flora and buildings to make better versions of flora and buildings. also, bears.


  • battleheart – a rts/rpg from the makers of zombieville. it’s amazing and i can’t wait to see what updates or new versions they make of this. they will make a killing with the addition of some new levels and features, i’m just going to say that now. write it down.
  • battle for wesnoth – just as great as the free desktop version, only mobile!!
  • uniwar hd – turn based strategy game. think starcraft meets advance wars.
  • pocket rpg – a great looking, diablo-like, dual-stick dungeon crawler with generated levels. never the same game twice!!
  • the bard’s tale – a funny arpg remake of the classic game. also includes the original version and its sequel. totally worth it.
  • kingdom rush – if you like tower defense games, look no further. this is, hands-down, the best of any of them on any platform.


  • death rally – rc pro-am reborn. not only does the game rule, it’s also free.
  • reckless racing II – much like death rally, this game relies on your drifting & actual racing skill. the graphics are very impressive and the car customization aspect is great.


  • game dev story – if you’ve ever been interested in playing one of those popular pixelated kairosoft titles, this is a good place to start. strategy nerds will love it.
  • junk jack – a polished minecraft/terraria mashup that works surprisingly well in iOS. the developers constantly update it with new stuff to do as well, so it’s worth the price of entry.
  • tiny wings – a simple endless runner-style game with great artwork and addictively simple gameplay.
  • zombie gunship – blow up zombies and save the uninfected with your ac-130 arsenal. simple and free to play.
  • galaxy on fire II hd – fly through space and shoot shit. customize your ships with new weapons and armor. good times.
  • infinity field – dual-stick arcade shooter in the vein of super stardust hd or geometry wars. excellent controls. instant get!!
  • super crossfire hd – space invaders brought to the next level. the colors, duke. the colors!!
  • phoenix hd – a beautiful bullet-hell shooter that is too addicting to be free. you have no excuse not to play.

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