games that are worth – wizorb

wizorb is a super cool breakout-style game with some light rpg elements developed by tribute games. the retro graphics and sound are right at home here, and the gameplay is fluid and easy to control via mouse & keyboard.

gameplay begins with your typical paddle & ball combo, but you quickly pick up magic which allows you to shoot fireballs that break bricks, blow wind that can change the direction of the ball, and others that are discovered as you play on. the xp and money you win during play is used to help rebuild the town you’re helping [that's right, there's a story], re-opening shops that were destroyed before your kind self came along to put the baddies in their place. this of course leads to your being able to utilize these shops to purchase upgrades, buffs, etc.

it’s awesome, and any fan of breakout/arkanoid-style games will get into it.


an excellent japanese arts & design web-zine.

tokyo/glow hd

A branded short film for The Generic Man by Industry Films and Citizen Jones.